Tuesday, September 24, 2013


quick update,
trying with animu style, having fun randomly drawing friend's OC.


quick, simple but refreshing, LoL :D
time to work, cheers!

Monday, September 23, 2013

3A -ing

addicted to 3A things, love their design, love the style, and time for doodling around :D

 Tommorrow Kings number one Oroshi 18 - 3A*

 Tommorrow Kings classics sevenbones Kyoku - 3A*

 Tommorrow Kings Shogun Gorei - 3A*
Can't wait for my real 3A shogun to come !

*original design char by Ashley W.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

art contest? LoL

recently i make art for contest, do you know Clash of Clans ? game on ios, i play it, and Supercell make art contest for the 2nd time, so i try to make it , trying to get 2500 gems for the winner, LOL
doing this with lot of fun.
the theme is "What would a level 100 Wizard Look Like?", so they have character job wizard in original and they want us to make level 100 base on our own imagination, so this is it :D

original official Wizard from Clash of Clans

 my Level 100 High Wizard :P

the progress, i make 2 version in the sketch but prefer the right one

and bonus!
this is my 1st entry for 1st art contest "What does the Witch do on her day off"
and i got runner ups with 1000gems , Lol

so much fun, maybe will make another art just for fun like this if there is contest again (if i still playing CoC) 
thanks, cheers!