Tuesday, November 15, 2011

mr taxi

bit late but, yes fanart of Girls Generation / So Nyuh Shi Dae, Tiffany :D yap i'm Sone :P

Tiffany SNSD

will post another girls soon *hopefully* :) enjoy , cheers!

updating , what i found today!

Hello :D
its been awhile, here comes another update, today i take a look my files, and find my Final Assignment for my college there, so i decide to put in some little works here and share some with you :) it's 1-2 years a ago, here we go :D

these all about the concept that i make before i did the whole children book illustration :)
And the title is "BEN : The adventure of Benjamin"



And some of the concepts

 final illustration and banner

at my booth, books and others there ,final assignment exhibition XD

that's it :) special thanks for my scriptwriter , Jane F.  :D  2-3months work for these 80 pages inside the book, drawing, coloring, layouting, writing thesis + another media XP
well it's so fun , what an super experience :)
And, that's all folks , hope you guys like it, and see you again soon :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello NOVEMBER! I'm back :D

update :)
done for sloth of the month October 2011, am not sloth (again!) hohoohhoho, and for the other slothies, Shame on you guys! LoL XD
Well , finally can make a new personal work, sorry for lack of update, kinda busy with projects in studio work, but yeah it's fun :D

Good Morning Princess!

SOTM October, theme: Princess
Good morning for my dear princess bunny :D its fun doing this, even done it in rush, but i like it, i like the mood, and learn another thing again :) 

Hope ya like it, cheers! btw happy halloween, and Hello November! :)