Wednesday, June 19, 2013

it's him!!

another update :)

having fun drawing this in workin' break time

"mmh, it's him! *not me" );D

fanart of stitch randomly with my character.
thanks and ciao!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Children Illustration "Live Demo"

Hi guys!
New quick update .
Actually, last March-April my studio did some continuous saturday's live demo at @atamerica, PacificPlace, Jakarta. Different artists with different themes that we try to share to the audience.
My friend Iwanaga and I took charge one of the event and we share about "Compelling Children Illustration".
Iwanaga did the live painting demo and I shared some our experiences of drawing children illustrations :)
and here some doodle I did for the presentation :D

Compile some sketches of the character, Boy's name is Jambul (with his dog)

another sketch :)

and did a color key

and here is the result  ..
superB done by Iwanaga

me :P

thanks and ciao!