Thursday, August 22, 2013

no 18

Back with new update !
this time i draw another fan art, one of the best inspiration for me,
awesome manga by sensei Akira Toriyama! yay for Dragon Ball :D
last time i drew Little Goku and Chichi, now is 18.
in this painting i try one of my fave artist's "style" , after watching him from time to time, sometimes i want to challenge myself , so ... yeps this is it.

Work Progress (large image - click for full view)

 and Close Up :)

hope you like it, see you and cheers!

august rush v.02

Another bunch of random doodles in August, so many randomnesssssss,
here we go again :D

wreck it wreck itttt fanart


 fanart re:ON comic and Lay-lay Cat

 Panda meet squirell

happy children's day (national) 


i think i'll keep doodling around , so many randomness in my head,
well hope u like it, see you , ciao!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

august rush

will update bunch of doodles in August, so many randomnesssssss,
here we go :D
random 001 - lonely bear
random 002 - random bird

random 003 - luffyXeren ,when SNK meet one piece
random 004 - Line Brown n Cony

and I'll post some of them again later, LoL
super random!! XD