Thursday, July 11, 2013

The sky is not always blue

it's about 15 minutes warming up and blank, and i realized that i already draw this .

hippo : "the sky is always on top, but the sky is not always blue. This world is so big, and I began to imagine how much have I seen ... i think i already reach my top, butwhen i see it, there are always something new that i've never seen. Could you imagine it?"

self motivation :)
for me, It's awesome and refreshing when you see your web/blog/fb/twit/another soc med's news feed and you try to scrolling it down, it's full of beautiful artworks from friends or artists that we like. It's full of motivation and give inspirations ! it's a positive vibe to share, lot better than a ... em... @#$@&*%^@*%  << that, (if you know what i mean...)
so let's work and create our own imagination too ! :)

note to myself :
*practice! move up your lazy bumm, if u see , great artist draw a lot ,they learn and practice a lot, even the others didn't see, but you can see it in their artworks, all need a progress, there are no simply way to become a great one, even an instant noodle still need 3 minutes to make it cooked, and in that 3 minutes the hard noodle should be in a very hot water first. Idk if it's a stupid parable, but it's fun when u love something and have passion in it, so enjoy the process* :)

Long note, but hey, Pacific Rim is a nice movie :D

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